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    Unger® Telescopic Ergo Dust Pan With Broom, 12w X 45h, Metal, Gray/silver
    Item # 7945202

    Spot sweep floors. Telescopic handles adjust to fit worker height. Dust pan opens when base touches floor, closes when lifted; never spills contents. Ergonomic handle. Broom stores on handle. Telescopic Handles Adjust 10" for Height Preference—Includes SmartColor Decal Kit for color-coding. Material(s): Metal with Vinyl Coated Handle; Width: 12"; Handle Length: 45"; Color(s): Gray/Silver.

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    Read Right® Right Smart Cleaning Card With Waffletechnology, 10/box
    Item # 7937276

    This cleaning card can be used to clean chip and pin, EMV and mag stripe card readers including manual ATMs, POS terminals, hand-held POS devices, self-serve kiosks, mag stripe readers, transit/parking pay stations, vending machines, pay at the pump, time clocks, door locks and player tracking. The cleaning card improves transaction completion rate and prevents susceptibility to fraudulent transactions. Its waffle design conforms to critical surface areas including chip reader pins and is equally effective for swipe, friction head and landings in all card reader devices. Convenient single-use, pre-saturated cards eliminate cross contamination and require no additional products. For Drive Type: Chip & Pin; EMV and Mag Stripe Card Readers; Cleaning Method: Pre-Saturated.

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    Swiffer® Heavy Duty Dusters Refill, Dust Lock Fiber, Yellow, 6/box
    Item # 7932564

    All-around design maximizes surface area to reach tight corners and smaller spaces. Traps and locks up to 3x more dust than a feather duster. Ideal for cleaning wood furniture, electronics, plants and more. For use with Swiffer® Heavy Duty Dusters Handle (sold separately). Unscented. Bristle Material: Dust Lock™ Fiber; Bristle Length: 6"; Bristle Depth: 2"; Bristle Color: Yellow.

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